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Janeiro 2011




The mortal instruments#1

Terça-feira, 11.01.11



Oh God, está quase a chegar, é já para Abril *.* - histériquice activa -


You think you’re a vampire,” Simon’s mother said, numbly. “You think you drink blood.”
“I do drink blood,” Simon said. “I drink animal blood.”
“But you’re a vegetarian.” His mother looked to be on the verge of tears.
“I was. I’m not now. I can’t be. Blood is what I live on.” Simon’s throat felt tight. “I’ve never hurt anyone. I’d never drink someone’s blood. I’m still the same person. I’m still me.”
His mother seemed to be fighting for control. “Your new friends — are they vampires, too?”
Simon thought of Isabelle, Maia, Jace. He couldn’t explain Shadowhunters and werewolves, too. It was too much. “No. But — they know I am one.”
“Did — did they give you drugs? Make you take something? Something that would make you hallucinate?”
“No. Mom, this is real.”
“It’s not real,” she whispered. “You think it’s real. Oh, God. Simon. I’m so sorry. I should have noticed. We’ll get you help. We’ll find someone. A doctor. Whatever it costs —”
“I can’t go to a doctor.”
“Yes, you can. You need to be somewhere. A hospital, maybe —”
He held out his wrist to her. “Feel my pulse,” he said.
She looked at him, bewildered. “What?”
“My pulse,” he said. “Take it. If I have one, okay. I’ll go to the hospital with you. If not, you have to believe me.”
She wiped the tears from her eyes and slowly reached to take his wrist.

O meu Jace, o meu Jace... omg o meu Jace!!! I'm gonna cry :'c bahhh

The Queen’s eyes glittered. “You told me that you did not wish to make a compact with me, for there was nothing I could give you. You said there was nothing in the world you wanted. When you imagine your life without him, do you still feel the same?”
*Why are you doing this to me?* Clary wanted to scream, but she said nothing, for the Faerie Queen glanced past her, and smiled, saying: “Wipe your tears, for he returns. It will do you no good for him to see you cry.”

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por Cate J. às 20:30

6 comentários

De Andrusca ღ a 12.01.2011 às 17:44

Então é o próximo que vou comprar +.+

De Cate J. a 12.01.2011 às 17:50

Fazes bem ^^
Aviso: Eu apenas comecei a gostar a sério no segundo xD
Depois quando leres diz se gostaste :D

De Andrusca ღ a 12.01.2011 às 18:00

Ok xD
Mas ainda me vai demorar tempo até o comprar, de certeza absoluta -.-'

De Cate J. a 12.01.2011 às 18:51

Ah xD okay não faz mal

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